Polyblock Prints


This is quite an easy project to try and can produce some great results. In the first image you can see I’ve used my viewfinder to focus on a particular section of the secondary source photo (a useful tool to zoom in on finer details). I then carried out a watercolour study of this using a mixture of techniques such wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet to add colour and tone to my painting. On the right you can see where I’ve started to draw into styrofoam in order to create a polyblock print inspired by the image. Although my painting is quite realistic, I wanted my print to be more abstract so kept it as a line drawing, adding in patterns such as swirls, dashes and dots to make it more interesting.


The best thing about this type of printing is that you can use your styrofoam print again and again, testing out different colour combinations with both the inks and the paper/material you decide to print onto.

If you want to develop your prints even more, you can try combining them by collaging two prints together like the one on the right.

My inspiration was an image of a flower, but you can choose to print just about anything that interests you!


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