Self Portrait




self portrait finished

Having always enjoyed drawing portraits of family and friends, I decided it might be time for a self portrait instead! I haven’t drawn myself in several years and an added challenge for this project was to increase the scale of the drawing to A2 size.

In the photos above you can see the stages of drawing process. I started off by using the grid method to help plot the facial features before building up the tonal details over time. Personally I find it helps to add the lighter tones in first and develop darker areas later as you can see. A range of sketching pencils were used from B (very light tone) to 6B (darkest shadows).

If you are thinking of creating your own self portrait then I would definitely recommend using the grid method for accuracy when recording the proportions of the face. Some artists draw their self portraits by looking in the mirror and they can complete a drawing in one sitting. I knew I would be spending many hours on my drawing so I got a friend to take a photograph of me and worked from that instead. If you ask a friend to take a photo of you, make sure there is enough light (you could go outside or somewhere that is well-lit) or use the flash on your camera so it can pick up details.


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